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Tower tailors each project to our partners’ specific needs. We choose our projects selectively because each one receives our full attention and support. Our team serves as a strategic advisor, proactively identifying opportunities to maximize each project’s potential.

We’re highly engaged at every step, bringing a keen eye to all the operational and financial details. With an excellent understanding of owner and investor priorities, we align operations to find the right tenants, save money and maximize the bottom line. This approach balances excellent owner and tenant experiences, evolving demands and the goal to maximize earning potential.

We offer the full range of commercial real estate investment and asset management services, including:

  • Asset Management

  • Property Management

  • Leasing

  • Construction Management

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Our Process


We uncover and understand every key element that impacts the performance of investment or third party managed properties through taking a deep dive into market drivers that will help drive the success of the investment.


With our entrepreneurial spirit, we tailor the strategy for every opportunity and challenge the status quo.


Our long-term dedication to every opportunity keeps us hands-on in the day-to-day and focused on driving NOI.


While we possess the institutional knowledge to execute, we aren’t burdened by institutional process. Our agile approach allows us to act quickly and adapt business plans for continued success.

Driving Value Through Active Management

As part of our comprehensive in-house services, Tower provides a seasoned team experienced in all aspects of property and asset management. Our dedicated construction, engineering, property managers, and leasing professionals offer specialized expertise, skills, and relationships. 

This multidisciplinary team ensures optimal control, execution, and focus for each project. We attend to every detail, with all functions aligned on the desired outcome. Tower employees have an average tenure of 12 years and bring a proven process to provide our partners with peace of mind knowing their projects are in capable hands. We continually advise our partners—from which amenities to upgrade, to where we should value-engineer to achieve cost savings.

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Providing A Strategic Advantage for Investors

We focus on value-add investments, seeking to achieve higher-than-expected risk-adjusted returns. Enabled by agile operations that allow us to execute quickly on opportunities, our unparalleled process ensures that every aspect that can impact returns is uncovered and understood.

  • Market Knowledge & Experience: We ensure investment risk vs. reward is fully understood

  • Time-Tested, Intuitive Process: Our process ensures that we find the right value-add investments in any market

  • Execution: Our execution of your business plan establishes the delivery of an excellent internal rate of return

  • Seasoned Experience: Seasoned experience with optimizing all aspects of asset repositioning and closely managing all members of the repositioning team

Managing Every Building Like It’s Our Own

Tower serves as a selective third-party manager, bringing a seasoned management team to capably steward properties to their highest potential.

As a first-in-class owner-operator, we bring a deep understanding of the intricacies of property management to every property we own and/or manage. Institutional owners can trust that we treat every building we manage as if it were our own and that we fully understand the investment thesis.

This unprecedented level of service, expertise and support allows owners to rest assured their property is managed to deliver the maximum return on the investment.

Our management partners benefit from:

  • Expertise in all aspects of property management, removing the guesswork from property ownership

  • A highly engaged management approach that ensures smooth operations and maximizes the bottom line

  • Identify areas to reduce operating expenses and ensure thoughtful budgeting around capital expenditures 

  • Longstanding relationships with vendors to increase cost efficiencies that further economies of scale 

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